Editing and Re-Writes

So, I’ve written my third book, “Eco Zico.” But now comes the hard part, the editing and re-writes!

I’ve put it to the side for a little while and will work on other things, to clear my head. I think all writers know how hard it is to look over your own manuscript, so I have to thank several people at the SCBWI for all their advice and feedback.

It’s up to me to trawl through my story now however and to act on all that advice. Thought that this cartoon was very appropriate!

2 thoughts on “Editing and Re-Writes

  1. Hi Olive, well done and good luck with the editing, love the cartoon!

  2. Haha – Like the cartoon 🙂 I love the name for the new book! Best of luck with the editing process. Can’t wait to buy and read Eco Zico!

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