You Know You’re a Writer When…Part Deux!

writer's block

You know you’re a writer when….continued;

1. Your work clothes are a ratty bathrobe and slippers, and your commute is ten seconds – thirty if you stop at the bathroom!

2. As the handlebar breaks on your bike, you have the first line written before your head hits the pavement.

3. Your drvers licence reads; Eyes; shifty, Hair; windswept.

4. You’ve wanted to be a writer since Mrs. O’Connell tacked your Christmas poem to the bulletin board in third class.

5. You keep a notepad in the front seat of your car, so that you can write on it while driving.

6. You are almost high on the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil.

7. You have a scrapbook of thank-you notes from writers to whom you’ve written gushing letters.

8. Some days, it feels as if writing is the only thing that keeps you sane.

9. You secretly hope it will rain on your vacation.

10. You head for the bookstore when something goes wrong in your life.

8 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Writer When…Part Deux!

  1. Brilliant Olive, I was yes – ing my way through your list.

  2. Ann

    Great list for identifying a writer. I must be one according to the above. How did you know the first thing my husband says to me when he feels I need cheering up is…Would you like to go Borders for a bit of a browse.

  3. No 2 – whenever I see anything interesting, I wonder who else would like to read about it. And pay me of course, cough, cough Love the cute illustration too!

  4. @Brigid; thanks! Good to see that all us writers can identify with the same things:)

    @Ann; I know, a browse through Waterstones or indeed any bookshop is always a welcome treat.

    @Niamh; Thanks Niamh; I think a writer is always thinking about his or her next story, for sure

  5. So, so true. And it was Mrs O’Callaghan in my case, not Mrs O’Connell. I won 10p and bought Sherbert Colas. Sweet. My first paid writing work.

  6. @Derbhile; that’s really cute. 10p is a fortune when you’re young; and Sherbert Colas, good choice!

  7. Eyes; shifty, Hair; windswept.
    Haha – I wish I could put that on my passport!

    I wonder if some of your work is still being displayed in the primary school building :) Great illustration – I bet your workspace is much more organised!

  8. @Róisín; I think I am a tad more organised, you’re right, but she looks more productive :D

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