Update! Update!

This pretty much reflects how I’m feeling right now! Winter is finally here, bring on the Spring already!

On a nicer note, I was reading through one of my favourite blogs today, the Irish Times ”Pursued By A Bear”, when I noticed that Mr. Mackin included a mention of creativewriting.ie

You can read it right here !!

Also, thanks so much to Beth Morrissey, author of the fantastic Writing Come Hell or High Water blog who kindly included details on our new courses and gift vouchers for writers. I appreciate it Beth!

I’m also looking forward to a series of readings from my eco-friendly books in a number of libraries around Co. Cork from November 30th, 2010. The readings are sponsored by the Environmental Awareness and Research section of Cork County Council. I will be visiting Mallow on November 30th, Cobh-December 1st, Carrigaline- December 2nd, Midleton- December 6th and Fermoy December 7th at 11am.

All in all looks like it will be a busy few weeks…

6 thoughts on “Update! Update!

  1. It sounds like it will be a busy few weeks! Hope you can squeeze some writing in. I’m finding that a challenge these days.

  2. Woot! Congrats on the mention and please send some snow down here. People hate it but I think it’s pretty, heh. 😉

  3. You seem to be really busy, Olive, which is great, good luck with all your readings. Winter is definitely here in Co. Meath, bring on the Spring.

  4. That illustration is hilarious 😀

    Well done on your library readings and also for the inclusion of Creative Writing Ink in one of the most popular Irish Times blogs!

    Happy Christmas!

  5. Congratulations on the mention in the IT! That’s great – hopefully lots of people will sign-up as a Christmas present…

  6. sundryandco

    Happy Christmas!

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