Eco Zico for the iPad

After a hectic and exciting Children’s Book Festival in October, I’m also very happy to say that my latest book, Eco Zico has just been released as an app for the iPad.

Eco Zico tells the story of Zico, a superhero who goes on a mission to save planet Earth. This superhero story with a twist shows children how everyday actions can make a difference to the world around them and includes useful tips from Eco Zico on how children can help save the world too.

It has some amazing features, such as professional audio narration and each word is highlighted as the story is read. You can also tap on images in the story to hear the words and can pause the story at any time. It costs USD$3.99 (approx €2.90) and you can buy it on the Apple store here.  To see a demo, please click here.  Any feedback or comments are welcome!

Ages: 1-3, 4-8.

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