Bridport Prize

I can’t think of a better way to start off my new writing blog, than to write about the richest open writing prize around, the Bridport Prize. The closing date is the 30th of June 2010 and with prizes of up to £5,000, it has helped support many a writer.

SHORT STORIES: 1st prize = £ 5000  (approx. 7460 US$, 5590 € ) 
POEMS: 1st Prize = £ 5000 (approx. 7460 US$, 5590 €)
FLASH FICTION: 1st Prize =£ 1000 (approx. 1490 US$, 1118 €)


8 thoughts on “Bridport Prize

  1. That’s a generous prize. It’s great to see well-deserved opportunities like this for writers.

  2. Congrats on the new writing blog. Love the photo across the top — I’m looking at the same one for a site redesign.

  3. I’m entering that too – Flash Fiction. May the best woman win. Also entering Yeovil Prize, First Novel section.

  4. @Derbhile: Wow, best of luck with the Yeovil Prize. Must muster something up for Flash Fiction…

  5. Wow that’s very generous, I’ll check the site as soon as I can find a PC with internet.

    But is this competition open for everyone around the world?

  6. Thanks for visiting Jenny. Look forward to your own blog updates:)

  7. @Novroz; yes it’s open to anyone around the world, there are a couple of other rules regarding eligibility, like the work can never have been published, in print, on a website, or otherwise,

  8. yeaaa…I finally have something to drive me, I have this short story that never finished ;p

    I’ll check that site tomorrow. Thx :)

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