So You Want to Write a Novel?

My sister emailed me this a couple of days ago and I just couldn’t resist posting it!

It’s so true (for me anyway) although I probably would replace the word “novel” with “screenplay.”

Have you had moments like this?

11 thoughts on “So You Want to Write a Novel?

  1. Jen

    Bahaha! I can’t stop luaghing this is hilarious! I have these moments on occassion! I’ve recently worked on the synopsis for my novel and now I’m prepared when someone asks what my novel is about! No more scrambling!


  2. Oh, that contemplation phase. But once we bust out of it, isn’t it a grand trip! Love that comic :)

  3. Seems like at times, that’s the story of my life!

  4. You know, I think there are actual novels about there with the same premise!

  5. Love it, Olive, oh we really are a sad bunch, but hopeful optimists.

  6. VERY FUNNY!!!!

  7. heehee. I’m pretty sure I’ve written short stories about that same thing…sometimes writer’s block is vicious. lol thanks for sharing :)

  8. *chuckes* Glad that you shared this. :)

  9. @Jen; Glad to hear that you worked out your theme, it’s more than a lot of us can say! Keep us updated on how the novel is going.

    @Joanne; So true!

    @Theresa; Haha, I think I’ve read a few for sure.

    @Brigid; I guess we are, what is life without hope, eh?

    @Julie; Glad you liked it:)

    @Ollymae; Definitely, writers block is a scary thing, a writer’s worst nightmare!

    @Mariana; You’re welcome :)


  10. Oh no, he is writing the same book I am? Ha Ha

  11. Haha. Great cartoon!

    It sounds a bit like that film, Adaptation!

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