Writing for Kids/Writing for Adults

Mariana Blaser, of Mariblaser Randomites very kindly invited me to write a guest post for her fantastic blog. Head on over to Mariana’s blog to read about the difference in writing for children and adults (in my opinion anyway!). I would love to hear your comments.

Thanks! Olive

7 thoughts on “Writing for Kids/Writing for Adults

  1. It’s a great post, the one you wrote for Randomies. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :D

  2. I clicked over and visited, lots of wonderful information on the children’s writing process!

  3. Just read your interview. Thanks for the great information!

  4. @Joanne & @Julie; Thanks guys for visiting and for your kind comments:)

  5. Great guest post. Your books look cute, too!

  6. Thanks Olleymae! I appreciate it:)

  7. I’m on my way!

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