Guest Post on Catherine Ryan Howard’s blog

A big thanks to Catherine Ryan Howard who allowed me to ramble on about how I set up my publishing company and its highs and lows.

Head on over to her blog to read all about it and feel free to leave a comment on Catherine’s blog!

5 thoughts on “Guest Post on Catherine Ryan Howard’s blog

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your journey there, Olive. It is a fascinating story!

  2. Well done Olive. Thats really inspiring. (and informative)

  3. Great post Olive, your energy and dedication is inspiring.

  4. @Joanne; Thanks for your kind comments on Catherine’s blog. It seems so strange that over a year ago, I had no intention of getting into writing and the book business full-time & yet here I am!

    @Niamh; Thanks Niamh, I appreciate it!

    @Brigid; Thanks Brigid. I have plenty of days where my energy is lagging and my dedication isn’t at optimal levels though, I assure you:)

  5. I’ll go check it out.

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