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The Gruffalo

Things have been completely hectic over the last few weeks, with finishing the book and getting things set up with Creative Writing Ink.┬áSo my apologies if I don’t get to comment on your blogs as often as I would like. I’ve reserved today and tomorrow to catch up on my reading so talk soon!

In the meantime, the next Hello! blog is up, if you get a chance, pop on over to their website.

5 thoughts on “New Hello! blog

  1. Rose

    Excellent post on the Hello! blog. Really enjoying reading them. The illustrations for each book are amazing.

    Best of luck with your book and Creative Writing Ink over the next while :)

  2. Sounds like good busy. I’ll check out the link. Thanks!

  3. Olive, I haven’t heard of the hello magazine blog, thanks for the link! And thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s so exciting that you’re super busy, and I hope things are going well.

  4. Ann

    Must pop over and check out Hello. Your illustration is lovely!
    The good thing about being busy is it keeps one out of trouble. :)

  5. Great link! Sounds like things are going well for you! Congrats!

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