Book finished!

So, the third book is finished and I have the final draft in my hands. It’s due for release in October, which won’t be long arriving I’m sure.

Here’s a peek at the cover in the meantime.

10 thoughts on “Book finished!

  1. Ann

    Well done! Clapping loudly and cheering! Getting some strange glances.
    Yay again! Quieter this time.

  2. Lua

    Oh Gosh, this is soooo exciting Olive Congratulations!!! And it looks GREAT!
    I’m doing the happy dance for you over here in Istanbul :)

  3. Huzzah! Such a cute cover.

    You’re right, October isn’t far off at all.

  4. Congrats Olive, it looks amazing, hope it does wll for you

  5. Wohoooo! Many congrats Olive! Now it’s time to exercise patience once again, eh? lol Although Theresa is right, October isn’t too far. :)

  6. Yay! Cue much cheering and jumping! Good luck with the patience part :)

  7. Thanks guys for all your kind comments. October isn’t far away as you say and between going on my holidays and working away, am sure it will fly by:)

  8. What a great cover. How exciting!

  9. Olive, that is so amazing! I love the cover art, and I’ll be the story is awesome.

  10. Róisín

    It looks brilliant! Very eye-catching :)

    Can’t wait to go to the launch of Eco Zico!!

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