Mistress of the Storm

My latest blog post on Melanie Welsh’s book, Mistress of the Storm is now up on my hellomagazine.com blog.

If you have a minute, check it out:) Thanks! Olive

4 thoughts on “Mistress of the Storm

  1. I’ll check it out right now, Olive.

  2. Thanks for the comment over on the Hello! blog, I appreciate it:)

  3. I love the name and the cover! Looking forward to reading it in a moment.

  4. Hi Olive – thanks for the link – ya books often pass by my radar (if i have one) but i so enjoy the good ones – like Pullmans Dark Materials, which I came across by accident – categories like ya or junior fiction are useful but a well written story can be enjoyed by anyone of any age – there are some intriguing junior fiction novels that I’d never come across if I didnt work in a library. Hope youre enjoying that mini writing break of writing for yourself ! All the best, Niamh

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